Lechon Kawali, a crisp pork Filipino dish

Do you love Filipino food? For foreign readers of this food blog, have you even tried Filipino food? If you have, what are your favorites? If not, you should be trying right about now and here is a guaranteed deliriously delicious Pinoy recipe for pork lovers.

This Lechon Kawali recipe is a combination of inspirations over the years. Cooking Basics, a former culinary school which I collaborated in a previous project taught me about boiling the pork this way (read on the procedure and you will know what I am saying) while the marinate is an inspiration on how I marinate my Pork Adobo, an iconic Filipino dish.  


A Healthy Filipino Street Food Version
Camote Cue, a popular street food
Do you enjoy eating street foods? Most travelers when heading out to Southeast Asian regions flock to wet markets, night markets or weekend markets to enjoy what most locals eat on a daily basis when stuck in the concrete jungle. Perhaps they are so engrossed seeing Anthony Bourdain munch on exotic dishes or the need to stretch their travel budget while traveling for months.

For those like me who avoid eating street foods for being excessively oily and loaded with every possible dirt you can imagine that surrounds the streets and drops into the food being cooked or displayed, I prefer cooking those “street foods” at home with the attempt of making them healthier for my family.

Here’s a quick and easy recipe, a favorite snack found on the streets of Manila. My take is a healthier and more delicious version of Camote Cue (Camote Fritters), a popular Pinoy street food.



Eat To Your Heart's Content Presents 50+ Deliriously Delicious Homemade Desserts

Life is Sweet here at Eat To Your Heart’s Content! 

Having a sweet tooth, a meal would not be satisfying for me, without a sweet ending. Depending on my mood or craving, I would be content with a cone of ice cream or a slice of cake while in some stressful cases of my day job, a tub of ice cream plus tons of chocolates with almonds, walnuts or macadamia will have to do the trick, of making my life a little sweeter.

Let’s celebrate, because here at Eat To Your Heart’s Content, Life is Sweet!


10 Ways to Taste the Philippines
If you happen to visit the Philippines for the first time or it might be your nth time but haven’t really tasted Filipino cuisine, you are missing a LOT! Do not just be confined with oily street foods that the struggling working class satiate. Street foods tend to have too much oil, too much salt, too much sugar and you are depriving yourself from savoring the best of Pinoy food.

I would like to share with you my article published at Pacific and Park a couple of weeks back. I am fortunate to stumble into this gorgeous site as it features amazing destinations and delicious food adventures.

Here are my Top 10 Ways to Taste the Philippines via Pacific and Park.


Prawn Salad

I love Shrimps and Prawns! I go crazy whenever I see fresh and beautiful Shrimp & Prawns in the market. Earlier, I bought medium-sized prawns for something delicious to whip up in a flash.

Sharing with you fellow food lovers an easy recipe, that’s healthy too – Prawn Salad.