Have you experienced an intense craving of a certain dish, dine at the nearest restaurant near your office or home and end up disappointed? Disappointed that you felt short-changed for paying a hefty price but the taste was not even near the vicinity of saying the dish was good.

Heck, you can’t even say it was okay!

I’ve had several occasions when I dine out, mostly to eat pasta dishes and end up disappointed. The promise of an authentic Italian cuisine, were all just a promise. Of all the many restaurants I have been to, I only have about five of my favorite restaurants offering good and I mean delicious pasta dishes but some that makes you go over your daily budget.

Now if I have a pasta craving and needs to stay on a budget, I whip up an easy to create pasta dish. Whether I will devour this with my family or bring home to work to share with my colleagues, it is comforting to know that the dish I created won’t fail me.

Allow me to share with you this Easy Recipe : Creamy Shrimp Linguine Pasta, using the freshest shrimp you can find, this delicious pasta recipe is a sure winner. No disappointments. No promises. Just simply delicious! 


 Recipe Round Up Grilled Cheese Sandwich Eat To Your Heart's Content

Every day is a celebration of food. I am not just saying that because I LOVE food (isn’t it obvious?! Lol) Every day is practically a food day on a certain state, country or worldwide. There are also national food months. These food celebrations occur when an individual, a company or an organization chooses a certain food or ingredient and creates a campaign, which is then picked-up by others and goes viral. To make a food day or month official, certain laws on a particular country must be processed. Once everything is in order, a national food month or day is celebrated.

For the month of April, aside from the fact that we celebrate the National Food Month, it is also the National Pecan Month (and day on the 14th) and National Soft Pretzel Month (plus National Pretzel Day on the 26th). As for food days, National Sourdough Bread day celebrated last April 1, National Cheeseball Day on the 17th and National Blueberry Pie Day on the 28th.

Apart from those food days mentioned, two of my favorite food celebrations in April are the National Grilled Cheese Month and Grilled Cheese Day on the 12th. Yes cheese lovers, this is for us.

What is it with cheese that makes every dish so comforting? Don’t you just drool when you see melted cheese once you slice a perfectly grilled sandwich?

Allow me to heighten your cheese craving and make you drool even more as I share with you some downright delicious creations by fellow food bloggers and a bonus recipe (so don’t stop scrolling and reading okay?). Here’s a collection of cheesy goodness, RECIPE ROUND UP : GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH and let’s celebrate the National Grilled Cheese Month and devour them to your heart’s content. (Let’s do the happy tummy dance!)


For the past few weeks, the temperature in this side of the globe has been extremely rising. My weather app has registered a whopping 96°F to 98°F. I have been gulping ice water – I keep my water bottle frozen over night which I bring to work and I am not even half way through the day, the frozen water is just ... water and not so cold anymore. That is how hot each day has been.

To beat the heat, I enjoy a variety of ways from a simple chocolate fudge sundae, smoothie, freshly made gelato, frozen yogurt, ice cream cake and the iconic Pinoy layered dessert Halo-Halo.

If you’re searching for summer indulgences to beat the heat, look no further. Stay glued, it’s Chill Time here at Eat To Your Heart’s Content.



If you live in an archipelago and you have an allergic reaction to seafood, that maybe the saddest act for you. I have a second-hand experience with someone who is allergic to seafood and mostly shrimp. His lips would turn extremely red and the outer lip area would swell. For a seafood lover, more so a Shrimp and Prawn lover myself, his pain is heaven for me! (wink)

I am not being heartless. It just happens that when I am with him, I get to devour more of the bounties of the seas. Surrounded with water, I get to taste a variety of seafood dishes whenever we travel across the country. When we visit other parts of the archipelago, the freshest of seafood abound and these are mostly prepared in a simple way.

Allow me to share with you a simple Shrimp & Prawns recipe, using two techniques -  Prawns and Dill : Halabos na Sugpo in Olive Oil.


Mapo Inspired Breaded Tofu in Pasta Sauce

I am not a vegetarian – I love too much meat to be one (anyone in the same boat with me?). BUT (yes, it’s a BIG but), I do LOVE tofu!

Growing up, I only know two ways on how tofu is served. One, Taho – this delicious soy creation served with caramelized sugar and sago (much like tapioca) and the other, fried tofu with a soy-vinegar dipping sauce. The latter is what my mom used to make while the former is usually bought at a local street vendor who shouts “taho” in the morning. Oh my, this surely brings warm memories when I was a kid!

This dish is a combination of two inspirations. The first inspiration is a popular Chinese dish from Sichuan province known as Mapo Tofu (Mapo Doufu). The other is from a local restaurant I visited on a writing assignment in Laguna back in 2010. I had dinner at Chef Mau Luto ni Tatay sa Bungkol and happen to order a tofu dish that was not only so affordable (Php 50 or a little over US1 per order) and it was truly satisfyingly delicious. More on my gastronomic visit at Chef Mau Luto ni Tatay sa Bungkol here.

With these two inspirations, allow me to share with you a Tofu dish – Mapo Inspired Breaded Tofu in Pasta Sauce.