Do you love fruits? I love fruits! Fruits make me happy. PIES make me even happier. Was it just a coincidence that my mom named me Pie? I think not!

So this month of July as we continue to celebrate the 5th year of Life is Sweet here at Eat To Your Heart’s Content, I am sharing with you both of these delicious food that makes me happy.

It’s a happy month for me as I celebrate my birth month (and my mom too – our birthday is one week apart!), I wanted to spread the happiness. With the help of these amazing food bloggers around the globe, I give you 12 FANTABULOUS FRUITY PIES. Enjoy and be happy, always!


Chocolate and pie lovers, you are in for a treat! Eat To Your Heart’s Content continues to celebrate the 5th year of Life is Sweet, we are sharing with you 12 deliriously delicious Chocolate Pies.


Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you prefer to end a hearty meal with a sweet ending? Does mealtime feels incomplete without a cone of sundae, a tall glass of milkshake, a piece of cupcake or a slice of cake to end with?

Well, if you are looking for some restaurants that offer delicious desserts after devouring a sumptuous platter, check out these 18 Delicious Desserts Around the Philippines. These are not dessert shops or cafés but restaurants offering delicious desserts in their menu.

So bookmark this on your mobile phones or tablets to keep it handy every time you have a decadent craving for a sweet ending.



This is a treat to the first man in our lives. The pillar of strength and the head of the family. The constant voice in our heads to do well, to be excellent in our every endeavour. The one and only man we compare to every boy or man that comes our way. This is a tribute to all fathers in a daughter’s life.

To show you how much we care, we prepare an all-day feast from sun up to sun down. Father’s Day Boozy Treats : Dishes, Desserts, Drinks - while on the booze, perhaps you will somehow forget all those moments your blood boil because of us, your daughters. Those moments when you disapproved of our life’s choices. Those moments when you wanted something else for us but we wanted another. The petty arguments and what not... Because today, is your special day. No matter what, you will always be our first love. Happy Father’s Day!


The heat has been excruciating from the months of March to May. To utter the words sweating like a pig is an understatement (though I wonder, do pigs sweat?). For me, I am frantic at the thought of the coming rainy months.

You see in this part of the globe, the months from June to November have been tagged as the rainy season. It can be difficult to travel with a slippery road, the thought of strong typhoons that can cause floods is unnerving particularly after the detrimental typhoon - Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) and the never-ending relief operations for typhoon stricken areas.

Looking on the brighter side of life, for a food lover, the rainy season only means that we can start preparing our favorite soup dishes and eat to our heart’s content.

This Pinoy Food Recipe is my family’s go-to soup dish. It can be a side dish for your dry meal or as a snack. Some locals even enjoy Chicken Sopas in the morning. Personally, what I love about this PINOY FOOD RECIPE : CHICKEN SOPAS is the addition of some vegetables. So let’s start to whip up this healthy and hearty soup dish.