When I think of Antipolo, I think of mostly these three things, suman (glutinous rice), mangoes and cashew nuts. Although these three are not native to Antipolo where suman and kasuy may come in other areas, while mangoes usually brought from Pangasinan or Zambales, Antipolo is still one of the best choices to getting your fix of suman-mangoes-kasuy with just about an hour or so away from Metro Manila.

One of the many stalls near the Antipolo Church

Suman may also be dipped in coco jam

Roasted cashew nuts

After a visit to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (Nuestra Señora dela Paz y Buen Viaje) a number of stalls lined near the entrance of the church await every visitor. Piles of suman (glutinous rice usually cooked in coconut milk and sugar then wrapped in coconut leaves) and mounds of roasted kasuy (cashew nuts) were somehow shouting at me as I could not decide how much to buy. The lady vendor at the Nimfa Cora Mestiza Special Pasalubong even enticed my friend Michelle to try eating the suman after dipping into a jar of coconut jam. After taking the photos I needed, I bought suman and lots of cashew nuts. 

Other pasalubong goodies and delicacies available were broas, peanut brittle, polvoron, turrones de mani, lengua, uraro and glazed peanuts.

 Abundant mangoes at the Antipolo wet market

Next stop was the wet market as layers upon layers of mangoes were stacked on top of the other in large bilaos. Ripe mangoes were as cheap as Php15 to Php25 for half a kilo.

We also got to try Antipolo’s products as desserts at Baba Ghannouj and Vieux Chalet.

Baba Ghannouj's Mango Crepes

Baba Ghannouj offers Mango Crepes. The light crepe envelops the ripe diced mangoes then drizzled with chocolate syrup and cream, topped with more mangoes then dusted with powdered cinnamon.

Vieux Chalet's Mango Flambé with Cashew

Vieux Chalet, which has become an institution and a must-visit when in Antipolo, created two Antipolo-inspired desserts. Mango Flambé with Cashew is made with mango wedges, homemade vanilla ice-cream and topped with chopped cashew nuts. Somehow, I did not see if the dish was on flame when served.

Another  Vieux Chalet's dessert, Carrot Cashew Cake

Another dessert is Carrot Cashew Cake. Normally carrot cakes are made with walnuts, but Chef Florence’s version made use of what is abundant in the area. The cake is served with homemade vanilla ice cream and topped with frosting. It’s a perfect ending to a delectable evening.

I shall be posting more of my scrumptious lunch at Baba Ghannouj and delightful dinner at Vieux Chalet. Since Vieux Chalet has been serving authentic Swiss cuisine for more than 20 years, I am positive that many of you have dined and experienced the magic at night, since the house-restaurant is atop the hilly Antipolo and overlooks the Metropolis, the ambiance sets the mood for a romantic evening.

I featured Antipolo, Baba Ghannouj and Vieux Chalet in my article at Zest Inflight Magazine’s July 2010 issue, under Lands Unlocked Section entitled “Tayo Na! Calling Out, Let’s Go to Antipolo.”

Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant is located at Taktak Road, Antipolo City  
Contact details :  (632) 697-0396 / 0917 856-5175

Baba Ghannouj Restaurant House of Kebab 
is located at ML Quezon Avenue, Antipolo City

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