One early Saturday morning, when many regulars of weekend markets visit their favorite stalls, I headed to Mercado del Ciudad de Cavite translated, it’s the Cavite City’s Public Market. 

Oh don't you just love how those Spanish words sound?

Fresh produce at Cavite's wet market
Fresh produce abound, from tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, cauliflower and broccoli. Fruits were laid out beautifully and looked to be at their juiciest.
Aling Ika's daughter, Lolita who mans the pre-WWII eatery
Inside this compound, is one of the oldest establishments a foodie could find. Aling Ika’s Carinderia is a quaint eatery established during pre-World War II era. Although I did not get to meet the woman who established this food landmark, I got to meet Aling Ika’s 74-year-old daughter, Lolita Bautista Allejo. She now runs this place with her staff. Watching them at work was like attending at an orchestra. Everyone knew what was tasked of them, from washing the dishes, to taking orders, packing the take-outs and giving change. On a daily basis Aling Ika’s Carinderia prepares 35 dishes and adds another five during Saturdays, the usual market day for households. Viands range from pinangat, estofado, sinigang and pipian. For snacks, you have a choice of pancit, palabok, lumpiang prito and spaghetti. As for Cavite delicacies, you can choose from pichi-pichi, kalamay sa ube, biko, maja blanca, minatamis na saging and bibingkoy.

For their viand, what captured my attention is their kare-kare version called Pipian. Made with the usual kare-kare ingredients, such as ground peanuts and rice, what made Cavite’s version unique is the use of chicken. 

Lumpiang Prito
Priced at Php10 a piece, their Lumpiang Prito is not short of ingredients from onions, togue, cabbage, carrots, kamote (sweet potato), kinchay and ground pork. The addition of ground pork not only makes this dish flavorful but definitely filling. 

Bibingkoy without the sauce
As for their delicacy called Bibingkoy, which is made up of boiled mongo is enveloped in giniling na galapong. A sauce made of gata (coconut milk) with scented langka (jackfruit) and bilo-bilo is poured over the bibingkoy. Devour while it is piping hot, it is definitely a good way to end this culinary journey.

Bibingkoy made even more delectable with its sauce
Aling Ika’s Carinderia is located at Mercado del Ciudad de Cavite a block away from P. Burgos Street in Cavite City.  At the time of my visit, bus fare was Php45 from Coastal Area in Roxas Blvd., and Php7 jeepney fare from Cavite City intersection (near McDonald’s) to the corner of the wet market at P. Burgos Street. 

Famous Cavite Delicacies Quesillo and Tamales
Quesillo and Tamales, two famous Cavite Delicacies

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  1. the bibingkoy looks like the mochi we bought in pampanga before. I love kakanin!!

    1. hi pink cookies! wonder why i havent replied to your comment, apologies ... thanks again for dropping by... appreciate it :)

  2. Sarap!We lived in Cavite City (born there) and everytime we go to the Mercado, at the end of the trip, our mom's treat is to bring us to aling ika's place. During decada 70-80, it was the place that you have go thru this narrow passage, but at the end of it was worth it!!:) ). sarap!! I truly missed the bibingkoy & sauce! also, the pancit puso. Cavite's specialty!!!yummy!!!

    1. Your lucky that your near Mercado ... i had difficulty finding Aling Ika's but it was worth the merry-go-round and the entire trip ... delicious Cavite dishes and kakanins! thanks for dropping by, appreciate it :)

  3. Damn I missed their foods! Araw-araw akong nakain sa kanila at kung minsan balot na lang at sa place ko ako kakain. May tindahan kami ng sapatos sa Cavite City kaya walang mintis akong nakain sa tindahan nila tuwing umaga! My favorite yung "Beefsteak at Adobo" pati na yang "Bibingkoy". Sana malaman ko ang recipe nila ng Beefsteak at ng Adobo!

    1. thanks for dropping by... matagal na din akong hindi nagagawi sa Cavite City at ang Bibingkoy talaga ang lagi kong naaalala. :)

  4. favorite ko yang bibingkoy... at syempre kay Lola Ika kami bumibili... :)

    1. naks naman! binisita ni Pinoy Adventurista ang aking munting blog :D ... oo nga sobrang sarap ng Bibingkoy, kung pwede ko lang puntahan araw-araw para yun ang merienda ko parati :)

  5. Nice to see Ate Lolit again. I was born and raised in Cavite City and everyone knows Nyora Ika's bibingkoy. There are few who tried to copy the bibingkoy but they can't. Original is always the best.

    1. Glad to know a fellow Cavitena ... Aling Ika's bibingkoy is a delicious delicacy worth mentioning whenever Cavite cuisine is the topic. Thank you for dropping by, appreciate it! :)